FC Bayern: rumors for farewell to Robert Lewandowski

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Despite the recent reports, Robert Lewandowski will play for possible emigration ideas in the season 2021/22 for FC Bayern. The club will not leave the striker after information from Bayern and Goal.

On Thursday, Sky Sports in England had reported that the soon 33-year-old Lewandowski once again looking for a new challenge with a European top club. That's why he wants to change the club before his 35th birthday.

Star Trek Online. JeSter shows you how to make over 1 Million E.C in less than 30 Minutes. According to the report, he has felt in the responsible persons as to whether a change would be possible. Bayern would be alleged from an amount of 130 million euros.

According to information from Bayern and Goal, however, the record champion is categorically rejected a sale this summer, Lewandowski has also accepted this. His contract runs for another two years, at that time he will definitely play for Bayern, Herbert Hainer said three weeks ago in a Fragerunde with Chinese media, where Bayern and Goal participated. Thus, the Bayern President actually cast off even a sale next summer.

Lewandowski has repeatedly been involved in transfer speculations in recent years. Most recently, especially Chelsea had evidently thrown an eye on Poland, but committed to the desired center tower with Romelu Lukaku.

Robert Lewandowski: Longer cooperation with FC Bayern?

Since Lewandowski expires contract 2023, FC Bayern would have the last possibility to generate a transfer for the striker next summer. The Munich could also introduce a longer cooperation.

I said it some time ago that I can imagine very well to have him in the squad, said Hainer.

Lewandowski came in 2014 free transfer from Borussia Dortmund to FC Bayern. In a total of 331 competitive games for the club he achieved 297 goals.

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